Pernell Needs our help.

Sadly I have an update to this post. Pernell lost his battle with cancer in the early hours of February 4th.

All of the artists I work with will tell you that when I start working with them they become family. Their families also become family. Recently our beloved Pernell Winchester (Kabasi) from the Reggae Powerhouse Band became sick and was hospitalized. Last week he was given the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. Pernell is one of the sweetest, humblest artists that I know. He is always ready to work on a jingle, a video, or any type of content that I ask from him, despite working a regular job to provide for his family. Pernell is only 49 years old and a loving partner and father to two beautiful children ages 11 and 7. As Pernell lives in Tobago, a country that has universal healthcare, his medical treatment comes at no cost to him but he will have extra expenses from traveling to and from the hospital for treatment and most likely, as time goes on, will have extra expenses relating to his care. Pernell is too sick to work now and only one small income in the family does not cover normal household expenses, so we have initiated a GoFundMe to help Pernell and his family. We are appealing for help if possible. Even the smallest amount of money will be greatly appreciated. To donate please click the link below. If you wish to donate by another method please use the contact form and I will get back to you.

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