Prince Kush

Prince Kush

Born at 57 Franklin Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica, Sean Folkes aka Prince Kush was one of 9 children.  His family had a musical background as his grandfather was one of the Folkes Brothers, famous for their hit song “Oh Carolina

At the age of 3, he was taken to Trelawney to live with his other grandfather who was in a mento band, so the musical influence was once again reinforced and then from the age of 11 to 17, he was again moved, this time to Clarendon to live with his uncle who was in a gospel band. Despite all the musical influences in his life Prince Kush was not inspired to pick up an instrument, but in High School, he sang in school concerts.

After High School, Prince Kush moved to Runaway Bay where he attended the academy. At the academy, when performing at Staff Talent, he met Ocho Rios producer Barry O’Hare and became a member of the band Children of Kush, whose members also included Michael Rose and Michelle Black. The band recorded their first song “The Children Want to Play

In 1995 Prince Kush moved back to his home town of Kingston, hoping to get a recording contract. There he met Mark Cobran who became his mentor. Under his wing he wrote a song called “Killing” but it was never released.

Several years later, and needing to make some money, he moved to Montego Bay and worked in the purchasing department at the Ritz Carlton hotel where he subsequently was promoted and sent to work in their hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

After some time in Las Vegas, Prince Kush, who hadn’t given up on his dream of making music, started his own company Green Planet Entertainment and in 2008 recorded an album of world music. Around this time Prince Kush met and became close friends with Ricky Dread. This association eventually led to a partnership in the record company Cockpit Country Ent. The partnership produced a Christmas album in 2014, “A Reggae Christmas with RickyDread and Friends”, which saw some success.

In December 2019 Prince Kush released “Maroon”, a duet with Sahara, on Ricky Dread’s up and coming Broadyard Records label.

Prince Kush’s latest single, “Killing Ha Fi Stop”, also on the Broadyard Records label, touches on the subject of the indiscriminate killings being committed by the youth both in the UK and Jamaica.

At this present time, Prince Kush is completing his debut reggae album.