Najashi is an MC, rapper, hip-hop artist who has been in the music business for many years. He is a vocalist and founding member of the Los Angeles band Dread Daze.
Najashi was born of Jamaican parents in New York City, raised and attended school in Jamaica and eventually returned to the United States to live in Los Angeles. Coming from a Sound System DJ background he formed the very multicultural, eclectic Dread Daze about 10 yrs ago.
Najashi has always been involved in projects of his own. He has a monthly reggae podcast and is also a weekly DJ on Zion Highness Radio. He has created many solo projects, including the dubstep version of “ Who Showed You The Rock ”, which was well received by radio stations worldwide. Najashi has also been involved in projects with other artists, among them his most recent collaborations with Motiv8 (DJ with Black Eyed Peas) on “ Party Now Go Down ”, a dance single which has taken Europe by storm, and last year released a single “ Surround Dem ” with Tobago reggae artist Neepz . and they followed that with  “Ready To Unite (Lion Paw)” and in September 2020 they released “Ras Warrior“.  Many more collaborations are in the pipeline. 

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