Dread Daze

Pulling Reggae apart and putting it back together again with a dose of hip-hop, a dash of rock, and a whole lot of soul, Dread Daze tunes up the positive vibrations and turns traditional reggae on its ear. The powerful sound they bring forth is uniquely their own, and their music speaks their truth in no uncertain terms. Dread Daze’s authentic desire to use its music to open minds, change vibes and spread a message of peace and unity shines through in every song and has captured the ears of listeners across all genres as well as promoters throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Dread Daze exudes raw energy on-stage and forges a strong bond with audiences worldwide, while their huge grassroots following and spirit of collaboration make them widely sought after – as evidenced by countless shows in clubs, festivals, and other venues throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Their debut album, “Di Wall” was one of the last albums to be recorded in the infamous Hitsville West, a.k.a. Motown Studios in Los Angeles. 

Dread Daze is currently working on several projects including an E.P. due to be released next year.