YAH-SHAMBA was​ born in the late ’60s in Kingston, Jamaica, and later resided in Stony Hill, Duhaney Park, and Jacob Heights, St Andrew. There he was raised into the musically entrenched rich parish of Mount Friendship, Golden Spring, Saint Andrew. 

Born into a family comprising of ten siblings, six girls and four boys, growing up was surrounded by a devoted family. There he was immersed in both inspirational and influential real-life experiences with his family and friends, where he shared his love for music with his fellow kindred growing up. At the earliest part of his musical career, he was known as Archie Irie,​ then as he evolved, it later transformed to Professor Archie and now today, he is known as “Yah-Shamba​ ”.​ 

Yah-Shamba grew up amongst the natural surroundings of musically talented people such as his father, alongside his two uncles, who were the owners of the world-class sound Lord Gelly’s Sound System.​ In addition, he surrounded himself with artists like Beres Hammond and Ninjaman​  .​ 

As a youth Yah-Shamba always knew that he wanted to be a singer/songwriter and recognized his artistic talent for writing music in his teenage years. Nevertheless, his musical journey didn’t start to gain momentum until 1987, where he defined his mission that launched his career. 

His drive took him back to the dominant roots of studio mixed beats, dating back to the days when sound systems communicated the music through deejays and artists in booming dancehalls. Yah-Shamba​ draws his inspiration from everyday experiences of life’s love and war and he captivates musical attention and motivation from the messages these conflicting life trials create. 

In the mid-’90s one of his underlying successful achievements was to be the first place/winner of the “Bagga Brown Reggae Cable Competition​       ​”. 

Throughout his career, Yah-Shamba’s​ integral purpose and message have always been to convey words and feelings translatable through the love of his music, capturing how people are feeling so that they are able to identify with his unique reggae lyrics and dancehall sounds. 

So, what does this singer, songwriter, and producer have for us next? Watch out soon, for his first release and single – “Your Love​ ​”.