Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew



Suga Roy, born Leroy Moore, hails from Racecourse, Clarendon.His parents were not musicians but when his mother was pregnant with him, she played music from morning until night and was convinced he would become musical. Suga Roy started deejaying while he was in secondary school, performing at school events and around the turntables of Black Lion Sound System. After leaving school he headed to Kingston hoping to break into the music industry. It was tough going but after several years his persistence paid off and he had his first hit in 1996 with ‘Postman’ on the True Friends label, for producer Kenroy Fisher. This hit earned him a spot on the Sting stage. After this he moved to Bobby Digital’s studio and later formed his own record label, Fire Ball Records, and his own production ‘Dancehall Nice Again’ became a hit and earned him another appearance at Sting. In 2002 Suga Roy was so impressed with Conrad Crystal’s 1986 release ‘True Love’ that he sought out the singer and suggested they team up and do a remake of ‘True Love’ This single was such a success and the chemistry between the two was so good that more combinations followed.
Conrad Crystal, born Conrad Constantine Hunter, is a product of Kingston 11. As with Suga Roy, he did not come from a musical family but developed his interest in music in school. He also used to perform at school class parties and functions. Conrad’s first hit song was the 1986 aforementioned ‘True Love’ produced by Michael Jeffries for the Sonic Sounds and Legal Light labels.That same year he released his debut album ‘True Love’ After Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal’s successful collaboration with the remake of ‘ True Love’ many other collaborations followed, a cover of Pat Kelly’s ‘Talk About Love’ and Gregory Isaacs ‘ Love Overdue’ followed by a series of original songs including the very popular ‘Education Wise’ which became a hit and an anthem in the schools in Jamaica.
Zareb was born Ranford McCurdy in Clarendon. Zareb says that the music in his family came a long time before him. As a youngster, he would sneak out of the house to listen to music and then at the age of 16 he moved to Kingston and went around the studios recording covers of his major influencers, Half Pint and Junior Reid. He met Fantan Mojah and recorded duets under the name of Mr. Flash for example ‘Rastafari is the Ruler’ and ‘Authentic Love’ both recorded in 2005. After changing his name to Zareb (African for Guardian) in 2006, he released his first album ‘Authentic Love’ on a German label Pow Pow Productions. Zareb had been working with Suga Roy on many projects but officially joined the newly named Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew in 2013.

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