Soul Power & Sound

Soul Power and Sound was a Reggae band formed in the early ’80s by David Walk (drums), Naaman Hinds (percussions/vocals), Trevor McLaughlin (lead guitar), Evan Lazarus (rhythm guitar), and Andy Chertow (bass).

Andy Chertow was born in the USA. While visiting Jamaica he heard Soul Power & Sound play at a club and liked what he heard. After talking with them during the interval he was encouraged to jam with them. He was so impressed by them that when invited he joined the band. 

The band was subsequently signed to the Tuff Gong label, which was founded by Bob Marley and became one of the most iconic record labels in Jamaica. The fact that they recorded in the Tuff Gong Studio in Hope Road adds to the historical significance of their music.

The release of their album “Soul Power & Sound” in 1988 and its distribution by Tuff Gong further cemented the band’s reputation in the reggae scene. With the recent remix of the album in a dub style by UK producer Al Breadwinner, it’s great to see their music being introduced to a new generation of listeners. The remix album is titled “Soul Power & Sound Meets Al Breadwinner In A Dub Procedure”

Overall, the story of Soul Power & Sound is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and create lasting connections, even across cultural and geographic boundaries.