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Introducing: Leroy Scarlett & the Reggae Powerhouse Band

Leroy Scarlett born in Lawrence Tavern, St Andrews, Jamaica is a Reggae artist and producer, who grew up in Trenchtown and Stony Hill during the late 70s into the 80s. Leroy arrived at his aunt’s home in Trenchtown at the age of 14 and took to following Kilimanjaro around lifting the boxes and stuff. In time he moved to Stony Hill a Kingstown neighborhood where his cousin Chris Stanley had set up Music mountain studios, The flamboyant Stanly had an impact on young Leroy and he spent lots of time in the studio which was frequented by the likes of Chris Stanley’s girlfriend Grace Jones, Jimmy Cliff, Milly Jackson, Boy George, Billy Paul, and others.

Leroy recorded his first song ‘Murder’ on Sly and Robbie’s two soundclash album released in the late eighties, he switched to producing soon after his big break coming with his production of Frankie Paul’s ‘One little Romance’ and Gregory Issacs ‘Lonely Teardrops’ in 1993 on Reality Records label.

He later produced and released several albums including Reggae Train series one & two, Frankie Paul ‘It’s my time’, Easy B ‘Prophecy‘, Anthony B ‘Judgement Time‘ and Dimensions in music containing tracks by Glen Washington, Luciano Messenjah, Frankie Paul, General Pecos, Easy B, Anthony B, Sizzla, and Beres Hammond plus a fourteen track album called Four the Hardway featuring Capleton, Sizzla, Luciano, and Anthony B.

To answer the question of how Reggae Powerhouse Band came to be, we have to make mention of the lady from London who produced the movie, One Love. She flew to Jamaica seeking permission from Gregory Isaacs’s wife to create a documentary on the life story of Gregory Isaacs. But she encountered problems and was not successful. The documentary was something that needed to be done so we went to Sly and Robbie to try and salvage it, They said “Lee”, the story doesn’t have to be narrowly based on just Gregory Isaacs, call the thing Reggae Powerhouse and involve all the powerhouses of reggae music. That is the creative spark that lit the fuse and caused the musical explosion that is Reggae Powerhouse Band.

Leroy formed the Band in 2017 and to date has released six singles, namely:

LOVE FOR THE WOMAN’, a tribute to all women, with sage advice on how to negotiate many issues in life.

SKANKING’, a vocal-centric one drop to bring back memories

HELLO’ hailed as a well-produced track with beautiful harmonies.

ROOTS’is a collaboration with twice Grammy-nominated Luciano Messanjah described in one Facebook comment on its video which has over 100,000 organic views, as the “ best roots reggae song in the past five years.” Roots made it all the way to #1 on the Manchester FM Global charts.

FREEDOM’ is a protest song featuring Mykal Rose. The song is a timely revolutionary roots Reggae soundtrack that crosses age and class barriers. It is distributed byTuff Gong and the video is featured on Tuff Gong TV. It will be promoted on all social media platforms and performed on all our shows.

NOTHING NAR GWAAN’ featuring Grammy-nominated Sizzla Kolanji is a hard-hitting commentary on the plight of ghetto youths. The internationally known and respected artist describes the difficulties of surviving in the system. With catchy melodies and relevant lyrics, this song comes at an excellent time and is expected to resonate well with an authentic reggae audience.

The band is comprised of a highly talented group of musicians with a wealth of unreleased material. The lead singers for the band are an eclectic mix of nationalities. Vocalist Cordel Dunnah, is an Antiguan, with a unique sound. Leroy went to Antigua, ran into to Cordel, put him on the stage and watched him perform, Leroy loved his sound and decided Cordel was going be one of the Reggae Powerhouse Band family. Trinidad and Tobago national Pernel Winchester is another of our leads, this talented Tobagonian has a powerful melodic voice and commanding stage presence. Kobla Mentor brings solid experience to the band, this Guyanese lead singer is very talented. Reggae Powerhouse selects talent from various island to get a unique sound and fresh ideas because we a trying to create something special.

Several Reggae Powerhouse Band singles are distributed through Tuff Gong and they are happy to work with us, so much so that they invited the band to perform at the Earthstrong of the great Robert Nester Marley which took place on Feb 6th. Reggae Powerhouse Band, in turn, invited double platinum South African artiste Menelik Nesta Gibbons AKA Don Dada, whose track ‘Jah is Good’ was produced by Leroy Scarlett and who is also distributed by Tuff Gong. Leroy Scarlett met Don Dada through MC Cool I a DJ with a radio program out of Montreal and a friend and colleague. Mc Cool I played some Don Dada tracks on his radio program, Leroy listening in from Jamaica liked the track, contacted the artist and sent a rhythm for him to voice. Out of this chance encounter came the track ‘Jah is Good’ which was nominated for Grammy in South Africa and Zimbabwe ‘Jah is Good’ is hotting up the airwaves in South Africa and there is a determination for @DonDadamusicand @Reggae Powerhouse Band to produce more music together.

The debut album Reggae Powerhouse Band and Friends is finished and will be released soon. Reggae Powerhouse Band has gone on to produce the Reggae Powerhouse Band Top Twenty reggae countdown show out of South Africa’s 1873 FM which is simulcast every Saturday from 10 am to 12 am Eastern standard time, in Jamaica, London, Montreal, and several other countries. Reggae Powerhouse Band is involved in projects globally. 

The band is managed by Leroy’s business partner Garth Noel.

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