Serving as ambassadors of good vibes and good music, Bonafide has taken the world by storm. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Bonafide has hypnotized their fan base with good rhythms infused with sultry baselines coupled with Jr. Rootz gracing each track with his smooth soothing vocals. Bonafide has earned their position as number one in Las Vegas.

Bonafide Reggae Band consists of four brothers: Jr. Rootz (vocals/drums), Bass Wayne (bass/vocals), Ricky Dread (keyboards/vocals) and Mikey Gits (guitar/vocals). These gentlemen hail from Montego Bay. Their loyalty to their home runs deep. Bonafide has given back to their home community in Jamaica through various donations from their Across the Bridge Foundation.

Bonafide is at present in the studio working on several projects.

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