Reggae Artist Alka-P (given name Dalton A. Henlon) was born in Mandeville, Jamaica, and raised in the parish of Clarendon. Alka-Ps father was the leader of a band called The Gospel Stage that would practice every Saturday morning at their house. It was very obvious that Alka-P had music in his blood as, at the age of three, he fell and broke his arm in several places whilst dancing on a chair to the music of his father’s band.

Encouraging his eagerness to learn music, Alka-P’s father taught him four basic chords on the guitar then left him to figure it out for himself. His mathematical mind soon realized that music was basically a pattern and off he went. Alka-P was raised by his Grandma who had a cassette tape deck in the house. Like many youth of that time, he recorded songs from the radio and one day he realized he could record songs and then record himself singing them

Alka-P emigrated to the U.S.A. and settled in the New York area and is now residing in Brooklyn. Although his singing was put on hold for many years, he realized that he had a knack for writing lyrics and has been writing since 2009 during which time he has accumulated many notebooks of original lyrics. Alka-P was insecure about his singing as he didn’t like the sound of his voice. One day he was sitting in the park singing to a beat when a lady came by with her dog. The dog stopped and listened and refused to move. At that moment Alka-P realized that maybe his voice wasn’t bad after all. He also honed his performance skills by guesting with a band called Culture Connxion, performing in clubs in New York.

Alka-P’s lyrics are inspired by his observations of life going on around him. His first single “Should A Me” produced by Ricky Dread and Broadyard Records, due to be released on January 21st, was generated from an interaction he witnessed on the streets of Manhattan.